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AssetSpace helps bring clarity to fixed assets. Track everything you own in detail: from costs to holders.

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Track your stuff in minutes

Getting onboard has never been easier. Standard terms, easy-to-add data, customizable variables, minimum required fields, and more! AssetSpace is an apple pie in a world of overcomplicated thousand-layer desserts. Get yourself a slice!

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Keep all your data in one place

What, where, and how much—all the most essential info about your assets can be in one place. See the entire asset history, including costs, holders, location changes, or other events around it. AssetSpace general library is reachable, insightful, and easy to understand.

Avoid unnecessary spendings picture

Avoid unnecessary spendings

Stay on top of your assets and only buy the stuff you need. With AssetSpace, know your storehouse exactly: see all assets in the general library, filter to get specific info, and get all necessary insights in just a few clicks. Don't let the mess control your budget and bottleneck your planning ever again.

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Stay updated anytime, anywhere

No software to install or update. AssetSpace is a cloud web system that you can get into from any computer at any location. All you need—is your login and a bit of internet connection. And voila—you're in your digital storehouse.

Asset management can be painless!
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Start for free *No trial, all core features included

All you'll need in one simple system

All your assets are carefully listed in one place, containing info about its specifics, holders, price, and more. See it whenever you want to and change it whenever you need.
Play this asset management game in your way. Add your custom values to any asset's field, and change or rearrange it anytime. We don't insist, just offer.
Give each of your assets its own unique QR code. Stick it on your item. Scan it with our Mobile Scan App. And manage your assets not only in the digital system but also in real life.
When did you get it, who used to own it, and where does it travels throughout its lifetime? Track all events around your assets and see them carefully recorded on the asset's tab.
Owning a lot? Don't let the number of your fixed stuff mess with you. Use filters and sorting to find out specific information about specific assets. All your fixed assets can be at your fingertips. Digital, but still.
Wanna go solo, or would like to delegate? We don't mind either. Add some system users to split work with you and some holders to track who is responsible for which asset.
In charge of a few companies? No worries, we can help you manage assets in all of them. Create as many companies as you need. By the way, you can even use the same email for each of them.
Fully web-based software with no need to install or buy a new version. It's always here in the cloud, ready to work with and for you from any laptop or computer, anywhere, anytime.
No leaks or prying eyes. All your data is just yours. We made AssetSpace software totally secure.
Need any help? We're ready to cover all your pains with our caring email support. Have any problems? Simply drop us a line!

And mobile app
with a built-in
QR-code scanner

A free mobile app to scan QR codes and keep your assets on track in the digital and the physical world. The solution is available for both iOS and Android. Go ahead and grab yourself one!


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Ideal for starters and tiny

  • All features

  • 100 assets

  • 30 users

  • Email support

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Ideal for small and medium offices that ready to level up their asset management

  • All features

  • Unlimited assets

  • Unlimited users

  • Priority email support

$ 11.99 / month


Ideal for medium offices with a lot of stuff and a desire to organize it in the best way

  • All features

  • Unlimited assets

  • Unlimited users

  • Images of assets

  • First-priority support

$ 39.99 / month


AssetSpace is a simple asset management system that helps to list, track, and manage fixed assets. You can add all of them to the system, mentioning their title, category, current location, and assignee. The system keeps all assets in one place, letting you filter them the way you need and track the change history of each.
AssetSpace system is suitable for any type of fixed assets. Inside the system, each gets a customizable title and category, making it easier to group and manage them.
Totally! You can create unlimited locations inside the AssetSpace system and assign them to specific assets. You can also choose the Main location, which will default to any new item. Of course, you can edit and tweak it anytime needed.
Of course! Each asset you add to the AssetSpace system gets its unique ID and QR code. You can print QR in just one click and stick it to the asset in your office. And free mobile app (for both iOS and Android) makes it easy to scan those codes and manage anything needed on the go.
Hard yes! You can add two types of users to your company acc in AssetSpace—admins and assignees. Admin right allows your teammates to add and manage assets, categories, locations, and company settings. While users with assignee role can be added to the system as asset holders but can't sign in. The Free plan allows you to add up to 30 users with any role. Subscription to the Starter or Pro plan opens the ability to add unlimited users to your company account.
You sure do. AssetSpace system allows you to edit any asset you've added to the system. All changes made by you or any of your admins will be displayed in the asset history section. Tweaking assets info will not affect its ID or QR code, so no worries.
AssetSpace is an Asset Management System created for small businesses by a small business. We used to struggle with asset management ourselves. But now we know this process can be easy, simple, and inexpensive. Our Free plan is our try to show this to you as well. It's ideal for starters and can grow along with your needs. Once it'll happen, we'll be happy to see you among our Starter or Pro subscribers. But before that, you can enjoy the Free plan for as long as you need without worries.

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We'll be happy to give you any details you need to decide on your software. Use our form or send us an email anytime. We're here for you!

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